Beyond Belief

Paul's letter to Titus.

The Kindness of God

A couple of weeks ago a moving story of goodness and kindness caught my attention. It happened at a middle school football game in Olivet, Michigan. In fact, it was so unique it even made national news and that’s where I first saw it.

Taking God to Work

I'd like to start out this morning by asking you a question. It's a question for those of you who work outside the home. You don't need to raise your hand or turn to your neighbor, just think about it. The question is simple. Do you like your job? Is it satisfying for you? Is it fulfilling?

Words for Women

Almost every Monday I drive down to Abington to see my mother and we go out to lunch. Mom will be 93 next month and is still in excellent health. She takes a baby aspirin a day. That's it!

Man Up!

When I was swimming in college and training in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, one Christmas I met a long distance swimmer named Diana Nyad. Diana was probably in her mid-20's at the time and had just gained some notoriety swimming 28 miles around Manhattan Island.

Catalytic Leadership

On Thursday and Friday Matt and I attended a leadership conference in Atlanta called Catalyst. The theme of the conference was “Known.” Before you had a name. Before you had a voice, a face, or a form, you were known by God.

A Day to Remember

Well today is a day to remember God's faithfulness to us as church over the past 20 years. And I want to do that today with a look at some Scripture and also with some excerpts from my journals over the years.

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