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Breaking Free

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Deliverance. Rescue. Redemption. Freedom. Exodus. Thats what Gods into. Hes the God who heard the cries of his people and liberated them from bondage in Egypt. Whats your Egypt? From what do you need to be delivered? A habit, an addiction, a broken relationship, a bitter memory, words that wound, a need to control everything and everybody? During this sacred season of Lent journey with us towards resurrection Sunday as we leave behind the old self and take hold of the new.

Free Forever

I understand there was a wedding this weekend? On Friday I believe? Did anybody hear about it? I guy named Bill married a gal named Kate somewhere in England I think. I heard a little sound bite about it on the news.

Leaving Control for Faith

Pesach or Passover begins at sundown tomorrow night. It's the night when our Jewish friends all over the world stop and remember that they were once slaves in Egypt, but God heard their cry and delivered them with his mighty hand and outstretched arm.

Leaving Falsehood for Truth

There's a story that's told about a young man who lived in a European town in the Middle Ages who was sent to monk. And when he stood in the monk's presence he had a confession to make. He said, "I've sinned by telling slanderous statements about someone that weren't true. What should I do?"

Leaving Bondage for Freedom

This morning we continue our series called Breaking Free: Leaving the Old Self for the New. It's a series that parallels the sacred season of Lent that we're in right now. Lent lasts for forty days beginning on Ash Wednesday and ending on Easter Sunday.


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