Claiming our Riches in Christ: The Book of Colossians

Dress for Success

When I was a student in seminary wearing coats and ties to class every day, John Molloy came out with his best selling book called Dress for Success.  For over two decades he had been America's leading image consultant and claimed to have done research on over 60,000 executives to find ou

Time for a Heart Check

February is American Heart Month and February 14, Valentine's Day, is Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Day. Did you realize that? I didn't, but in reading about that this week I was reminded again that the number one killer in America is heart disease.

He's Number One!

I can remember it like it was yesterday. Standing on the winner's podium on the pool deck at Lafayette College surrounded by our swim team chanting, "We're #1! We're # 1! We're #1!" As an athlete you dream about the day you can hold up your index finger and have it really mean something. And we c

Do You Know Who You Are?

One of the greatest films of all time is the Wizard of Oz.  It's one of my favorites.  Released back in 1939 by MGM studios it was nominated for six Academy Awards and quickly went on to become a classic.  It's one of the most watched movies of all time.

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