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Finish Strong

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Anyone can start well. That’s easy. But it’s how we finish that’s most important. Distance runners and swimmers call it negative splitting. Negative splitting is completing the second half of the race faster than the first. Negative splitting is finishing strong. And finishing strong is how Jesus wants us to live life. Join us this summer as we explore the book of Second Timothy and discover what it means to negative split life and Finish Strong.

The Power of Scripture

Over the last few months, Jennifer and I have been busy getting ready for the Dallas Seminary LEAD program that we’ll be participating in during our sabbatical. We’ll actually be in Dallas, Texas, for five days during the weekend the Pope is in Philadelphia.

Talk the Talk & Walk the Walk

Late Tuesday night Chelsea and I got home from another 3,000 mile cross country road trip from San Diego, California, to Collegeville, Pennsylvania.

The Power of Prayer & Parenting

This morning we begin our summer series on the little New Testament book of 2 Timothy. It’s a nine-week series that will take us right up through the week after Labor Day. We’re calling it Finish Strong and I’m very excited about it. On our website we describe it this way.


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