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Jesus is a giver. Jesus is a generous giver. Jesus is the most generous giver ever. He gives us all kinds of gifts like grace and contentment and joy and vision and healing and hope and life. Have you received any of these gifts? Jesus’ gifts will make our lives better and fuller, deeper and richer. Join us this Easter season as we journey with Jesus to the cross and embrace the Giver of all good gifts.


This Tuesday is April 15. Do you know what that means? That means our tax returns are due. Did everybody get them done? April 15 is the tax deadline. But this year, April 15, also means something else. This year, April 15, is the first day of Passover.


This morning we continue our series called Jesus Gives … with the controversial subject of healing. Jesus gives … healing. He does. He gives lots of healing, all kinds of healing. I say the subject is controversial because it is, at least in my opinion.


Today I want to talk about joy. There's nothing like the joy that children bring to our lives. We love to celebrate the birth of babies around here. It's great to announce the birth of Natalie Theresa Tangradi and to have a family dedication for little Emma Grace Piazza. It's a great day.


This morning we begin a brand new series that's going to prepare us for Easter and take us right up the hill to the cross and the empty tomb. We're calling it Jesus Gives ... and on our website we describe it this way.


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