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How Life Works: Wisdom Living from Proverbs

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Marry Well

This morning we finish our series from the book of Proverbs called How Life Works.   And today we want to talk about how marriage works.  God himself is the author of marriage.  It's not an invention of man.  Marriage is a God thing.  And it can be a wonderful thing when it's done right. 

Trust God

This morning we want to talk about what it means to trust God, I mean to really trust Him with our lives.  When I think about trusting God I often think of the story of the famous French acrobat Charles Blondin.  The Great Blondin lived back in the 19th century and was one of the greatest tightro

Cultivate Compassion

Last Sunday night was the 73rd Annual Academy Awards Ceremony.  And the stars were out in Hollywood with all their glamour and glitz wondering who would win the Oscar for best picture and best actor and best actress.  And is it turned out it was the most evenhanded ceremony in years. 

Manage Your Anger

This morning I want to talk about managing our anger.  The book of Proverbs has a lot to say about anger management, because God knows the way we handle the emotion of anger has a lot to do with whether our lives are working well.  Every day we see images on the news of people who aren't handling

Build Strong Families

Television hasn't been the same since the Survivor series hit this past summer.  The show took reality television to another level.  It was a surprising success, capturing huge television audiences, breaking all kinds of viewer records during the normally slow summer months.  And the winner, Rich

Choose Wise Friends

Throughout my lifetime God has blessed me with some wonderful friends that have made my life so rich.  Today my best friend is my wife, Jennifer, and some of my dearest friends are right here at Valley View.  They're the people that I want to do life with, they're the people I want to serve God w

Talk Truth

A number of years ago a poll was taken among churches asking them what it was that they desired most in a pastor.  And more important than speaking ability or excellence in leadership or ministry skills or even personal example was honesty.  People want a pastor they can trust.  They want their l

Develop Discipline

This week I read a story about an old country farmer who was sitting in a rocking chair out on his front porch one day, just taking it easy.  And a stranger came by and thought that it was odd that a farmer would be sitting there during the day when there was so much work to be done.  So he said

Pursue Wisdom

If you've been in a bookstore lately you've probably seen a whole section of Dummie books, the ones with the bright yellow cover.  They're everywhere.  There's "The Internet for Dummies" and "Law for Dummies" and "Taxes for Dummies," "Bird watching for Dummies" and "Fishing for Dummies," "Beer fo


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