Living Free

Jesus once said, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” That’s quite a claim. Truth about what? Free from what? Free for what? This brand new six-week series will help us answer those questions. Come join us as we dive into the Scriptures and discover the freedom we have to enjoy God, to change, to be free from ourselves, to be free from group think, to be free to be ourselves, and to be free from worry and fear. Living Free is what Jesus offers all of us. Are you living free?

Free from Worry & Fear

Storms. Are you tired of them? We've had our share of storms this winter haven't we? Enough already. Thursday we had our 11th winter storm of the season and it's wearing me out. It's wearing a lot of us out, even four-year olds like this little guy in the You Tube video.

Free to Change

Last week, we began a new series called Living Free. And Matt got us off to a great start with his teaching on being free to enjoy God, free to sit down on the couch without the plastic cover and rest in Jesus. I loved the image and the passage in Luke that contrasts Martha and Mary.

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