Living Inside Out

Make a difference in this world. Be a blessing to this world. Bring a little bit of heaven to this earth. Yeah right! It all sounds so good...but how in the world do we pull it off? We don't...we can't...unless we choose to release the life of God's Spirit living inside us. Join us this fall as we unpack the fruit of the Spirit and discover the power of Living Inside Out.

Patient Love

A Lesson in Waiting

Wednesday morning I had to wait... I was driving from my home in Phoenixville to the office here at the Sunnyside building... we usually meet around 8 a.m. on Wednesday's for prayer and I was running a bit late...

The Conflict Within

Conflict. Who here likes conflict? Not me. I find conflict threatening and uncomfortable and my tendency, to be honest, is to run from conflict. I don't like conflict, although I do know that conflict handled well is often the doorway to growth and opportunity.

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