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Obsessed with Jesus

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Obsessed with Jesus


transitive verb: to be the only person or thing that someone thinks or talks about; to think and talk about someone or something too much;
intransitive verb: to engage in obsessive thinking; become obsessed with an idea.

That’s how the dictionary defines “obsess.” But what does it mean to be obsessed with Jesus? Is that a good thing? What would a life look like that’s obsessed with Jesus? How about a church? Join us as we become obsessed with Jesus over the next few weeks.

Obsessed to Death

This morning Valley View joins over 500,000 churches from 150 countries around the world to observe the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. And prayer is what our persecuted brothers and sisters need the most.

Everyone’s Obsession

When I was a first year student at Dallas Seminary one of the courses I took was called Survey of Ministries. It was a field education course designed to get students off campus and out into the real world to see what was going on spiritually in and around the Dallas metroplex.

Leaving the Dark Side

Shalom! Peace! My name is Nicodemus. Some people call me Nicky.

Jesus First

When I was a kid growing up I can remember coming home from school with my brother Ken, turning on our little black and white television and watching Superman.

Come to the Well

Every April, TIME magazine publishes a list of the 100 most influential people in the world, drawing on a year’s worth of headlines and articles. It’s a subjective list, but still gives a sense of who the movers and shakers are in any given year.


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