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A Postcard to Philemon

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The Great Exchange

The wagons clattered over the cobble-stoned streets of Paris, France, during the French Revolution hauling hundreds of innocent victims of the Reign of Terror into overcrowded prisons to await execution.  And during one July night in 1794 an old man roamed throughout one of those dark prisons ste

Radical Forgiveness

Corrie Ten Boom, whose life story was made famous by the movie called The Hiding Place , spent part of World War II abused in a Nazi concentration camp.  Following the end of the war she was released and traveled throughout Europe speaking about the love and forgiveness of God.

Two Marks of Maturity

Did you ever have one of those "small world" experiences?  You know, when you run into somebody you haven't seen in years at the mall or when you meet up with someone you know while you're away on vacation or far from home and you can't believe it.  I've had a number of those, but one small world


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