Romans: The Power of God

Romans: The Power of God

Some call it the Apostle Paul's magnum opus, his greatest work. Others call it the most important letter ever written. Down through the centuries, countless theologians have spilled gallons of ink recording their comments. This document sparked a revolution in the heart of Martin Luther that changed the world, ignited the brilliant mind of Jonathan Edwards, strangely warmed the heart of John Wesley, and fueled the revivals of George Whitefield. Romans is explosive!

Noted scholar F. F. Bruce once said, "There is no telling what may happen when people begin to study the epistle to the Romans." Come and discover the power of God found in its pages and see what happens in your life.

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You're Gifted

When I was in high school the church where I grew up was without a pastor for a while. And during that time we had special speakers come in and teach on Sunday mornings, but we also had a Sunday evening worship gathering.


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