The Sacred Echo

What is prayer? Does it really work? Is there really a God who hears and answers prayer? If so, why do so many of mine seem to go unanswered? Can God actually speak to me and if so what does he sound like? Through the Scriptures and with the help of Margaret Feinbergs provocative book The Sacred Echo were going to spend the summer reflecting on how God communicates to his people today. If you hunger for a more intimate relationship with God join us on Sundays and well explore the mystery of prayer together.

Take Care of My People

When I was a first year student at Dallas Seminary one of the courses I took was called Survey of Ministries. It was a field education course designed to get you off campus and out into the real world to see what was going on spiritually in and around the Dallas metroplex.


Over the years we've spent many a summer vacation in Ocean City, New Jersey. We love Ocean City and the beach and the boardwalk and the rides and Mac & Manco's Pizza. And pretty much every year we'd either take our own bikes down or rent bikes to ride on the boardwalk in the mornings.

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