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The Seven Lost Churches of Revelation

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Keeping the Eye of the Tiger

One of my all time favorite movies is "Rocky" with Sylvester Stallone. Has anybody else ever seen "Rocky?" I thought so!  It's a classic.  In fact, in that movie Rocky Balboa does what the legendary Benjamin Franklin and even the Mummers couldn't do.  He puts Philadelphia on the map.

The Door is Open

I can remember the first time in my life that I really cared about knowing the will of God.  It was during my senior year in high school when I was in the midst of the college application process.  Up until that time I never really thought much about the future. I just kind of floated along.  Lif

Wake Up!

War. Terrorism.  Surprise attacks are nothing new.  They've been going on for years.  Long before Pearl Harbor and 9-11 another city, not Honolulu, not New York, suffered a devastating sneak attack.  The city was one of the most powerful cities in the world at the time, ruled by one of the wealth

The Cost of Compromise

Compromise can be a dangerous thing, especially moral compromise. Last week, we looked at a church that caved in to a compromised lifestyle that included idolatry and immorality and Jesus wasn't real happy with them.  In their minds, they had good reason to compromise because it was getting prett

Serving God in Hell

What's the most dangerous place to live in the world? Where would you least like to live? Demographic experts are forever releasing statistics that tell us what city, state, or country has the highest murder rate or kidnapping rate, the most car-jackings or burglaries, as well as other kinds of d

Facing Your Fears

He grew up in a good Bible teaching church, a church where early on he learned the truth about Jesus, who he is, and what he did, and what it takes to have a dynamic, life giving relationship with him. He fell in love with the Lord and as a teenager committed his life to him.  He wanted to serve

Learning to Love Again

Someone has said that falling in love is a whole lot easier than staying in love. Those of you who have ever fallen in love might agree with that. You remember back to those days when you were knocked off your feet, head over heels in love!  All you could think about was that special guy or that

The Power of Worship

A few years ago while I was visiting my parents I decided to take a nostalgic ride over to the baseball field that I played on as a little leaguer. It wasn't far from my house, in fact, as a kid I used to ride my bike there with my glove dangling from the handlebars. I was excited to see the fiel


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