Three in One

God the Holy Spirit

This morning we conclude our Three in One series with a look at God the Holy Spirit, the most misunderstood person of the Trinity.  This week I read about a Sunday School teacher who used a pretzel to teach her class about the Trinity.  She said just like a pretzel is one piece of dough w

God the Son

For Hindus he is a guru, one of many gods. For Buddhists he is an enlightened man. For Jews he is a profound teacher. For Muslims he is a great prophet. For New Age followers he's god, just like you are god and I am god. For Mormons he is the firstborn son of God.  For Jehovah's Witnesses he is M

God the Father

We live in a world that's desperate for God. Yet a lot of people live their whole lives as if God were missing, as if God really didn't exist.  Which reminds me of the two boys who got in trouble at a religious school and were sent to the principal's office to be disciplined. These two guys had a

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