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Women: A Biblical Perspective

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A Summary

At the outset of this series I shared a bit of my church background with you as it relates to an understanding of God's view of women. And I was very candid in admitting that for a long time I believed that men were superior to women. I'm not proud of that, but it's the truth.

The Writings of Paul

This morning we tackle what I believe is the toughest text in the New Testament regarding the issue of women in the church. The passage I'm talking about is found in 1 Timothy 2:11-15. If you have a Bible or a New Testament, please meet me at 1 Timothy 2:11.

The Writings of Paul

This morning we approach two of the toughest texts in the entire New Testament. Two passages written by the Apostle Paul that have stumped the world's greatest Bible teachers for almost two thousand years. Two passages that seem to undermine much of what we've been saying thus far in this series

Women in the New Testament

Not long ago I was talking with woman about this upcoming series I was planning to teach at Valley View on women. She was glad to hear that we were going to address the issue from a biblical perspective.  And as we discussed the series she shared with me a few experiences that she had as

Jesus and Women

This morning we continue our series on Women: A Biblical Perspective.   Two weeks ago we looked at Woman in the Beginning .  And we concluded from our study of the first two chapters of Genesis that God created the woman to be equal to the man.  Together the man and the woman were

Women in the Old Testament

It had broken into their weekend like a thief, stealing their love and leaving as quickly as it came. Afterward, Charles cried. He knelt down on the floor next to his wife, Claire, and sobbed. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I lost control. I promise it won't happen again." He took her in his arms and

Woman in the Beginning

This morning we begin a new series about women that we've titled Women: A Biblical Perspective.   There seems to be a lot of confusion today in Christian circles about the role of women in the church.  So a number of months ago our leadership team at Valley View agreed tha


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