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What If?

You Are Loved

Help My Unbelief

What If Intro

The Jesus Paradox

From Death Comes Life

The Cross: Becoming King Through Death

The Judge of the World Judged by the World

The Garden: The Upside Down Kingdom

Kings and Donkeys

Mission / Vision

Invite: Don’t Miss the Party

Go: As You Are Going

The First Church of Me

Growth - Our Corporate Indentity

Growth - A Healing Experience

The Vision - The Great Commission

What Matters Most to Jesus?

Jesus Is...

Why Mission? Why Vision? Why Now?

Teach Us To Pray

Walking In Discernment

Devoted To Prayer

My God, My God, Why?

Why God Says No

Prayer Brings Peace

Killing Me Softly

Prayer As A Weapon

Two-Way Prayer

How to Pray

Why Prayer?


In Christ On the Job

Caring for Children & Parents

The Mystery of Marriage