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Here is the full list of all our teaching series along with the individual teachings under each series. Click on the title to view the transcripts (where available) or download and listen to the mp3 instantly by clicking the MP3 link.

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Beyond Belief

Words for Women

Man Up!

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

Catalytic Leadership

The Hope of Eternal Life

A Day to Remember

Desperate Disciples Call for Desperate Measures

The Aroma of God

Seeing Life Through the Cross

Where Do We Look For Refreshment?

Judas Iscariot

The Road to the Cross


Unity & Diversity

Restoring Community

Finding Community

Community Killers

Why Community?

Unleashing the Gospel

Telling God’s Story

Telling Our Story

Pointing the Way

Prayer & Promptings

Incarnational Living

Regaining Credibility


Dealing with Discouragement

Handling Anger Well

Building the Wall

the IN-BETWEEN time

Handling Life Changing Interruptions

God Will You Disturb & Interrupt Us?

Romans: The Power of God

It's All About People